Back In The Saddle Again

Well, I’m back!! Where have I been? Falling off the path, that’s where. After getting just a tiny bit busy back in February, I found myself too easily making excuses for not going to the gym or getting that dessert that I was craving. It’s funny how quickly you can fall off track. Especially since, when I was working out really consistently and eating well, I felt really awesome! I had tons of energy, my back and muscle issues were nearly non existent which meant that my headaches and migraines were almost non existent and yet I still fell off track. It’s kind of crazy.

Today I was at Costco with my friend and we ran into a mutual friend who works there. He has been on a weight loss journey of his own which has been pretty awesome and inspirational for me. He asked how the whole working out thing has been going and I found myself really embarrassed to say that I had kind of fallen off the wagon. Later I got to thinking that there is no reason for me to feel embarrassed. This is going to happen. Just because I was doing great for a few months does not mean I am now immune to making mistakes and running into obstacles. That is going to happen. This is definitely not the last time it will happen. If this is going to be a lifestyle then I can expect it to happen a lot more. It’s what I choose to do after that happens that will determine whether I will have long term success. Also, I decided to weigh myself earlier this week to see what the damage was. I thought for sure I had to have gained because I hadn’t been eating that great and I certainly had not been working out. Turns out I lost 3 pounds!! So that’s awesome. I mean, I have now lost 18 pounds which is nothing to be sad about. Could I have been much further down in my weight loss had I been working out more consistently and eating better? Absolutely! But 3 pounds is nothing to scoff at! And 18 pounds total is actually really amazing. It really is!

So what does this all mean? Well, that I’m going to start again. I’m going to get up and work out and try to eat the best I can and just keep plugging along. I’m going to do my best not to beat myself up if I choose to eat poorly one day or don’t work out as hard as I know I should. I’m going to be happy with any weight loss I have even if it’s just a pound. I’m just going to keep at it.

How about you guys? Have you found yourself falling off the wagon? How did you get going again and what keeps you motivated?

PS – The title on this blog is super awesome and was handwritten by my very good pal Megan Tsang! It’s now a tattoo on my arm that I totally love! So props to her!


First Wedding Back

Wow, last week and especially the weekend were super busy. This is the time of year where I really don’t have a lot going on. It’s the much needed break I need after going at a break-neck speed during the summer months. Well a bunch of big events all happened to land on this last weekend and it really reminded me of how crazy summer can get, just on a smaller scale. On Friday I went to the Justin Timberlake concert (AMAZING!!), then on Saturday I had a 16 hour wedding day and then Sunday there was a wedding show for my Fate + Love Photography crew that I wanted to be at with them. So basically, I was on my feet a lot! The wedding day was great but after getting 5 hours of sleep the night before it was rough getting up and driving two hours and then taking pictures in the cold. The bride and groom were awesome and definitely troopers. I have to give it to them. Weddings always wreck havoc on my body. All the heavy gear that I’m carrying and scrunching up my shoulders and neck can really mess me up. Couple that with cold weather where you are already tense and I was extremely sore on Sunday and it’s even worse today. Having this busy weekend really made me realize a lot of things about this weight loss journey and how easy it is to just fall of track. My biggest worry through all of this was that when summer came, and I was crazy busy running all over the place, that I would stop working out, start eating like crap again, all because I felt like I had no time. This weekend proved my biggest fear. I did not plan ahead, I had crap for breakfast the day of the wedding, did not bring anything for lunch so I ate out (it was Subway, which isn’t the WORST thing I could have ate but it still wasn’t good) and then I only ate the salad at the dinner because I wasn’t that hungry at the time. I also drank almost no water which is very typical of me at weddings and something I definitely need to be better at, especially in the hot summer months. I’m still dehydrated today.

I’m glad that this happened now so that I can see the mistakes and how I can do better during those busy summer months. I don’t want to fall of track! So here are the lessons I learned.

1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!! I’m sure half the reason I’m so sore and in pain days after a wedding day is because I’m not hydrating. I had one bottle of water the whole day and that is just never enough.

2. I need to pack a healthy lunch and a dinner the night before a wedding.  Wedding food is great but it is not friendly to the waistline, especially when you eat it every weekend and sometimes twice a weekend. There is always heavy sauces that typically have dairy involved and dairy and I are not friends. I also need to be shoved away from the dessert table. Maybe I’ll split a cupcake with my second shooter every once in a while but I cannot be trying every flavor of cake (yes I really did this at most of my weddings last year and then I wonder why my ass is so big.). That is just insane. Preparing and packing lunches and dinners is the only way to go. It’s worth the time and effort it will take.

3. I need to be getting a ton of sleep the night before a wedding day. Not only will it help prepare my body for the next day but I will work so much better. Sometimes this can’t happen as I may have weddings back-to-back but I need to do my best at getting a full 8 hours.

4. I need to schedule time for working out into my daily routine this summer. I will be crazy busy and there will be tons of weddings and senior shoots to edit, however, I am not a brain surgeon. There really are not emergencies in this business. While I love getting images to my clients very quickly, I also need to take care of myself and if that means that my clients get their images a couple days later then my normal two weeks, then so be it. If I don’t take care of myself then I am no good to anyone and I need to realize that!

Hopefully the more I workout and the better I eat, the less of a toll weddings will take on my body. I don’t know if people really understand how destructive weddings can be on your body. I go to a chiropractor every single week during the summer, sometimes twice a week depending on how bad it is. I get very little sleep because when I’m not shooting, I’m editing plus I have three other business that I have to run besides Katie Lewis Photography. I deal with headaches almost every day during those busy months because of the tension in my neck and shoulders from carrying my gear and my feat have serious issues of their own. I shot a wedding two summers ago in such excruciating foot pain and I was near tears the entire day. My doctor wanted to put a cortisone shot in my foot. It was awful. But I love shooting weddings and seniors so I keep going back for more! 🙂 Let’s hope I can get in stellar shape and because of it, my work gets even better and I can do this for a long, long time!

Have you fallen off track with your workouts or eating? How did you get back on it and what changes did you have to make so that it didn’t happen again? Let me know! Share your wisdom!!!



January was a harder month for me for some reason. Staying motivated has been a struggle; maybe it’s the cold, maybe I’m bored, maybe I feel like I wasn’t seeing changes, maybe I’m just plain lazy. Whatever the reason there really shouldn’t be any excuses. I decided to schedule an appointment with a trainer. I’ve been trying to read more about not only losing weight but really getting cut and seeing real muscle definition. There is SO much information and I had absolutely no idea where to begin. Meeting with a trainer was HUGELY helpful. First of all, we discovered that I’m not eating enough calories. When you are trying to lose weight it’s really easy to think the fewer calories the better. But in reality you are just destroying your metabolism like that and that’s not good at all! We estimated that I average around 1,000 calories a day and I need, no HAVE to be between 1,200 and 1,500 calories, no less. I also need to add more carbs into my diet. I eat virtually no grains right now so any carbs I’m getting are in veggies but I need to be eating a bit more than that and add it to my diet slowly. So I’ll be adding carbs to one meal a day one day, then carbs to two meals a day the next and so on for up to four meals a day with carbs then back to zero days, one day, etc.

We also talked about my workout routine. I’m a big spin person and will do it every single day. I cannot do that anymore! More for fear of injury than anything. So she said I can continue to do spin but every other day and that I should probably mix in some Yoga or BodyFlow and could also add more Step or Ripped in for additional cardio days. On top of that she showed me some full body resistance workouts that I need to be doing 2-3 days a week. I could also do the upper body parts of that on days I do Spin or some other leg heavy day. I’ll be meeting with her again in a few weeks to see how things are going and change any workouts that need to be adjusted. I’m super pumped to have this new plan and know exactly what I need to be doing.

Today was weigh day for me and I’m down 3 pounds for the month. I was hoping for 6 but a loss is a loss so I’ll take it. Hopefully making these changes to my diet and workout routine will move things along more in February.

Current Weight: 180lbs


New Classes

It’s been far too many days since I’ve updated this! I’ve been doing my usual spin lately but I thought I’d try a few new classes. On Monday I did Step/Express Core. I’ve done step classes in the past but this one appealed to me because half the class is step and the other half is focused on your core. I really liked it and will probably be doing that class again. On Tuesday my friends Lindsey and Annie joined me for an hour long spin class. Neither of them had done it and they were both nervous about it. Just like me, you have moments of hating it and wanting to quit during class, but after you feel amazing! They have both said they will be going every Tuesday so it looks like I’ll be going to that class in the evenings on Tuesday’s from now on. Today, I was excited to go to a Barre class. I have taken a class like that in the past and enjoyed it. Once I got to the class I realized that I didn’t read the description at all. The class was Body Bar Bootcamp and is nothing like a Barre class. It’s kind of a combo of Step and BodyPump. I kind of liked it even though it was not what I was expecting to do today!

One thing I really want to start doing is really lifting weights. Like in the weight room. I look at that room, though, and have absolutely no idea what to do or where to start. I think I’m going to sign up with a trainer and see if there is any way they can give me a plan that I can do each month and meet with them once a month. That way I have a plan and I can have them show me what I’m supposed to do with the machines or free weights. Do any of you lift weights on a regular basis? Any tips?

feel like

Today’s Workout: 45 minute Body Bar Bootcamp – 500 calories burned

Snow Day

Today we had a blizzard that caused my gym to cancel all classes. In town it wasn’t too bad but out of the city limits visibility was pretty low so I get why they cancelled. I do have a gym in my building but I’m not good with treadmills and ellipticals. I get bored very easily on them and tend to quit early. So I decided to do level two on Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video I got ages ago. After yesterday’s HIIT class my calves and abs were still extremely sore and I actually did a few of the same workouts on the video that were in that class. I don’t think my calves have ever been this sore! Hopefully spin tomorrow won’t be super hard with super sore calves!

My sister shared the Jillian Michaels quote below with me that I really like. Never quit!!


Today’s workout: 30 minute Jillian Michaels video – 311 calories burned

New Class + Walker

This morning I went to my first HIIT class and  I’m already sore! My abs and arms are going to really hurt tomorrow. I hope I’ll be able to lift myself out of bed in the morning! We did everything on a bosu ball so my abs were engaged pretty much the whole time. This was also my first ever class with a male instructor. That was interesting. He wasn’t exactly what I would call inspiring and he was 10 minutes late but he seemed nice enough. I think I would definitely go to this class again. It was a nice quick workout (40 minutes) and was really effective.

When I left my apartment this morning there was a woman speed walking through the halls. I’ve seen her walking in the underground parking garage in the morning as well. She’s older; probably in her 60s and she just cruises around the building. It just reminds me that this is something I will need to do every day for the rest of my life. This is a new lifestyle now but hopefully it’s just something that becomes really natural for me. I’ll just keep moving…

Today’s workout: 40 minute HIIT class – 447 calories burned

Favorite Song

There is one particular song that the instructor in my spin class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s plays that just totally gets me pumped up. The rhythm and the way the music grows makes me totally focus and clears my head. I look forward to this song every single time I have that class. Do you have any songs that just get you pumped and make you work harder when you hear them? What are your favorites?

Today’s Workout: 55 minute Spin – 568 calories burned